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VRLA - Valve regulated lead acid battery.

SLA - Sealed Lead-acid.

CCV - Closed - circuit voltage.

OCV - Open - circuit voltage.

WPC - Watts per cell.

Pb - Chemical symbol for lead.

UPS - Uninterruptible power supply.

Ah - Amp hour. The unit of battery capacity.

DOM - Date of manufacture.

EOD - End of discharge.

VPC - Volts per cell.

NC - Number of cells.

Vf - Float Voltage.

VS - Starting Voltage.

IAV - Average current.

Sg - Specific gravity

cAn - Defined capacity of the battery to the 'n' time period.

20 hr Rate - The capacity a battery will deliver over 20hrs.


Battery - one or more cells

Float/Standby - Continuous charging for use in an emergency or back-up application

Cyclic - Continual discharge/recharge application often associated with traction applications.

Battery String or Bank - A number of batteries connected in series will constitute one string. Strings can then be connected in parallel to achieve the required capacity.

Monobloc - A phrase used to describe a multi - celled single block.

Wet/Flooded - Open-vented lead-acid cells which need topping up, i.e. not maintenance free.

Stationary -Applications using static placed batteries.

Top - charging - A service charge during or after storage, usually at a level slightly higher than normal float V.